The Antiracism Handbook: Practical Tools to Shift Your Mindset and Uproot Racism in Your Life and Community (PB) (2022)

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An antiracist society starts with you. Gain the psychological skills you need to adopt an antiracist mindset and make meaningful and equitable changes in your community--and in the world.

Racism has reached epidemic levels in our country, and every single day we see acts of racial injustice. From police brutality and the prison industrial complex, to crumbling infrastructure and toxic drinking water in predominantly Black neighborhoods--many people have finally opened their eyes to the harsh realities of inequality and systemic racism in America. But awareness isn't enough. We need to take action to create real change.

Written by two psychologists and experts in race, identity, equity, and inclusion, The Antiracism Handbook will empower you to make your own personal contribution to creating an antiracist society. You'll find practical, evidence-based tools grounded in psychology to help you recognize and resist racial stereotypes in day-to-day interactions; and strategies to help you communicate with family, loved ones, and children about race and racism. You'll also learn skills to help you navigate race in professional workspaces, and advocate for antiracist politics, policies, and practices in your community, civic, and spiritual life.

By shifting your thought patterns and behaviors to cultivate an antiracist mindset, you can actively change your community--and the world--beginning with yourself. This handbook will help you get started now.

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Thema Bryant
Edith G. Arrington
ISBN 10:
New Harbinger Publications
Publication Date:
April 1, 2022