Sunrise at Dusk: A Story of Love and Slavery (PB) (2022)

Adama is a teenage slave of African descent living in the Nigerian village of Apa. Like many others in the land, he has not had the privilege of being loved, by either his parents or owners. As a string of masters leave him feeling confused, he meets an older slave boy who changes everything. Born without privilege or promise, Akan is gifted with an infectious smile and haunted by a never-ending yearning for freedom. When Adama notices Akan's suffering as he weeps alone in the forest, he offers him an ear of parched corn and a kind word. In that moment, the boys become friends and Adama pledges to be Akan's guardian angel until they become men. Adama has already accepted that someone in his position in life must sacrifice pleasure and love. Akan, however, is determined in his pursuit of love and to fulfill his desires. As their opposing views of love conflict with the rules of slavery, now only time will tell what will happen to two slaves who dare to question their circumstances and whether they are worthy of love. Sunrise at Dusk is a poignant story of sacrifice, the pursuit of happiness, and of great friendship and love as two young slaves become friends amid challenging conditions.
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J. a. Adamson
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Authorhouse UK
Publication Date:
February 21, 2022