What Hurt Didn't Hinder: A Memoir (PB) (2021)


What does it mean to be a man? Being physically strong? Not being too emotional? Having courage, or being in charge? When asked what it means to be a black man, the question becomes even more complicated.

Shan Foster, Vanderbilt University's basketball program's all-time leading scorer and anti-domestic violence advocate, has wrestled with these questions. From witnessing domestic violence, to getting drafted into the NBA, to working in the movement to end violence against women in girls, Foster has seen and felt the ways that our culture perpetuates unhealthy masculinity.

Now, he tells his life story to show that no one has to face an "either-or" decision - being a man doesn't have to look exactly one way. There's room to break free of the mold.

What Hurt Didn't Hinder is a story of vulnerability and perseverance, showing that it's possible to reconstruct what it means to be a man, embrace our diversity, and raise everyone up in the process.

"This fascinating book is both informative and necessary. Shan Foster has brilliantly and transparently weaved his own story into a guidebook for what it means to become the man God intended them to be.."

Bishop Joseph Warren Walker, III, D.Min, Mount Zion Baptist Church-Nashville

International Presiding Bishop, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

"Before reading this book, I knew the all-time leading scorer in Vanderbilt basketball history, and I knew and supported the guy who helped to start and has grown the AMEND program at the YWCA. But, Shan's many accomplishments pale in comparison to having the guts to tell his authentic story - warts and all.."

John Ingram, CEO, Ingram Industries

Shan Foster is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fostering Healthy Solutions, LLC where he cultivates healthy solutions to diversity issues through education, training, and execution. His experience includes work with several sectors, including entertainment, financial services, technology, media, environmental services, and law enforcement. He also serves as Executive Director of AMEND Together & Vice President of External Affairs at YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee. He equips men and boys to serve as advocates for gender violence prevention and cultural change. Foster is a frequent speaker before national and international corporations, regional and national conferences, local and state government entities, and collegiate and national sports programs, including the National Football League and Major League Soccer.

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Shan Foster
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Shan Foster
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January 8, 2021