Once There Was a Girl: A Memoir (PB) (2021)

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Once There Was a Girl is the poignant true story of Wendy, a young black woman struggling to grow up in a housing project in New Orleans. Facing abject poverty, rampant crime, and formidable challenges, she believes against all hope that she will somehow survive. Her mother teaches her how to pray-and pray she does-even when all hope of a better life seems fleeting and perhaps impossible. As time passes, Wendy struggles to not give up, and fervently asks God to perform a miracle and deliver her from the projects to the world she hopes and dreams of.


Wendy Randall has written a memoir that will inspire others to believe in themselves and take charge of their lives. Her insightful reflections demonstrate her grit, courage, and a strong belief in herself. Wendy developed coping tools early that continued to motivate her as she moved through life. She powerfully describes her security blanket of escape: daydreaming. She never let go of those daydreams and did whatever was necessary to ensure they came true. As she states so well, "I believe that I will not succumb to my environment." This story is one of tremendous courage and determination. - Martha E Casazza, Ed.D. Educational Consultant and Author.

You can expect to be inspired by the real-life victories of Wendy Randall, and how God's peace and presence remained available throughout the tremendous challenges and pains of life. Wendy Randall's literary debut in "Once There Was A Girl-A Memoir, will lead readers on a "through-story" account of how God's favor, love, and acceptance delivered her from embarrassment, emotional pain and uncertainty to a place and space of grace and victory through Jesus Christ.

-Rev.Dr. Cynthia A.Wilson. Executive Director, Worship Resources & Director, Liturgical Resources The United Methodist Church Discipleship Ministries.

About the Author:

ÿ Wendy Randall loves encouraging people to persevere and has spent her life working as a substance abuse counselor and educator. She has lived around in the United States and Europe and is fluent in both French and Spanish. In her memoir, Wendy illustrates how a praying mother, her faith in Jesus, and perseverance kept her from succumbing to a poverty-stricken and crime-ridden environment and led her to see her dreams come true.


Wendy R. Randall
ISBN 10:
Kharis Publishing
Publication Date:
January 1, 2021

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