Memoirs of a Slave, 2 (PB) (2021)

She is dead and buried. By the grace of God, she was allowed to see how her life affected others before entering heaven, recalling details of the events that led to her amazing life, which began in slavery and ended in freedom.
Mary Lou was born into a highly religious Christian family, and she was born into slavery, experiencing all the horrors of slavery. Yet she retains her innocence, handling her problems by prayer. During a spring thunderstorm, Mary Lou was struck by lightning, and after her incredible survival, she was removed from her family and placed in the big house to be trained as a domestic house slave. Mr. Fowler grew up on the south side of Chicago. He graduated from St.Rita H.S. attended Chicago State University, and received a B.A. from Lewis University, . After graduating from college, he taught school and coached basketball. He is married and has four children. Mr. Fowler loves to play chess write, paint, and spend time with family and friends.
It was there that Mary Lou realized the supernatural gifts given to her from the lightning strike. When her abilities became widely known, it became clear that she was a threat to slavery and their way of life. Forced on the run in hopes of finding safety, Mary Lou, instead, discovered a demonic plot to kill her and everyone she had come in contact with
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Darrow Fowler
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June 16, 2021