Beyond the Pettus Bridge (PB) (2022)


A fire rages. Children race to escape the woods being eaten by flames. A white man in a white robe is carried away on a stretcher.

Beyond the Pettus Bridge is a southern civil rights mystery about choices that change lives.

Claire, a young, northern-born white woman during the 60s, and her new husband Bruce Zuretski, move to Selma, Alabama when he receives a draft notice and decides to join the Air Force.

It doesn't take long for Claire to realize there's more to this town than meets the eye, but she has her own issues to overcome, such as the fallout of a miscarriage, personal family drama, connecting with her students as a new teacher, and settling into her life as a military spouse in the Deep South. Meanwhile, in this family book about segregation, Bruce argues with her about whether it's wise to be poking their Yankee noses into the social issues of the town, worrying more about getting evicted from their living quarters in an antebellum mansion and whether he'll be sent to fight in the Vietnam War.

This historical novel about teaching is also a heart-wrenching and heart-warming family story about newlyweds, new beginnings, new friends, and risky ideals. Claire will have to decide what's more important: fitting in and settling down or joining the underground sisterhood fight against racism, Fems for Freedom.

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Trish Dolasinski
Capacity Building Unlimited, LLC
Publication Date:
February 22, 2022