Beyond The Rainbeau (PB) (2022)

I was inspired to create Beyond the Rainbeau as part of my healing process after the loss of my third son, Beau. A lot of the illustrations and words highlighted throughout this book were real-life truths I used to get through those difficult times. This experience not only renewed my mind about God's grace but allowed me to introduce His grace to my children. My hope is for this book to inspire families experiencing loss to look to God for the peace that surpasses all understanding and have faith to know they will see their loved one again, just beyond the rainbow.

The book includes ideas from the minds of my children on how they process the loss of their younger sibling. As I navigated the world of grief, and supporting my children through their grief, I found that the truths of God were the best way for our family to cope. The book includes bright and colorful images, descriptions of Heaven, and all the many ways God shows us that our loved ones aren't very far from us. The book also touches on the gospel of Jesus, and the gift of everlasting life we have through Him. My hope is you connect with the message, and it opens the conversation with you and your little ones navigating grief through the lens of faith.

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Adriana Skinner
ISBN 10:
Independently Published
Publication Date:
August 29, 2022
Age Group:
Children & Young Adult