On My Best Day: poetry and prose for the soul (PB) (2021)

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A stunning poetic exploration of life's journey and its accompanying heartache, trauma, and struggle. On My Best Day is the ultimate self-love anthem, from the personal writings of popular poet Tiffany Nicole Pigée, for the healing of your mind, your soul, and your heart.

The pages of On My Best Day, Tiffany Nicole take you on a reflective journey of self-discovery and self-love through beautifully crafted poetry and prose. Tiffany Nicole's words resonate with thousands of readers through her inspiring and thought-provoking poems, short stories, and quotes. Now, in On My Best Day, Tiffany Nicole challenges readers to embark on their own intentional process of becoming.

From balancing the expectations of womanhood with the reality of being a woman to exploring family trauma and the resulting dysfunction that follows, to navigating grief, loss, and immense depression, to exploring the heartache and the inevitable growth that comes with falling in and out of love - each vulnerable and revealing poem in Tiffany Nicole's On My Best Day challenges us to reconcile our own unique truth, as we mold and cultivate that which defines the woman we are becoming.

"Tiffany Nicole Pigée's debut poetry collection, On My Best Day, both celebrates Black womanhood

and laments the cyclical and painful journey of becoming and loving the self. The stories of Black women are invaluable to the survival of other Black women, the stories themselves the heavy gold we leave behind, an heirloom Pigée creates herself in the very act of putting the pen to the page. She highlights that we must sift through these ancestral voices and take what we need to find our own."

- Taylor Byas, author of Bloodwarm

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Tiffany Nicole Pigee
ISBN 10:
Maurcole Unlimited LLC
Publication Date:
July 9, 2021

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