Ama's Dream #1 (HC) (2019)


Author, Grant N. Perryman takes his readers on a vivid journery to a rural community located in the picturesque country of Ghana, West Africa. The oldest of five brothers and the only daughter, Ama, is charged with helping her mother with the everyday household work. One chore begins early in the morning before the sun rises. Mother and daughter have to walk a great distance to the nearest water source. Their village community lacks a borehole or fresh water well to meet their daily needs of drinking, bathing, cooking, dish washing and laundry. Ama relies on her active mind and new found faith to transport her into a world of her favorite hopes and dreams to help her cope with her ongoing struggles and hardships.

Josef Heneku, an up and coming artist from Ghana, helps the booklover visualize what they are reading with his beautiful original illustrations. Intertwine throughout the book are words and phrases in the Twi language, adding authenticity to the story. Additional features that make this book a great educational tool include a map of the continent of Africa, a Pronunciation Glossary and a Medical Appendix explaining the benefits of clean drinking water.

Ama's Dream is a book parents will want to read to their young children and encourage their pre-adolescent juveniles to read on their own. Both will be pleasantly surprised by thier new found knowledge.

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Grant N. Perryman
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Perryman House of Design, LLC
Publication Date:
March 6, 2019
Age Group:
Children (0 - 8)
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