Reflections: A Life Of Lessons (PB) (2022)


Reflections is one man's collection of poems detailing his thoughts and the lessons learned while living his life serving a natural life sentence inside of the Texas prison system. Reflections allows its readers a detailed emotional introspect of what so many young Black men go through while paying the price of breaking the laws designed by a biased society to make them part of a free-laboring penial system. Reflections doesn't point fingers. This powerful yet informative narrative makes one feel the fear and realization of one young Black man as he learns he is powerless to change the ultimate fate of self-destruction without the help and guidance of God in his life.

This collection of poems will allow you to become a part of the victory that this inmate attains in spite of the obstacles and tragedies encumbered, having served over twenty-five years in prison. If reading and learning of how God's presence in people's lives changes even the most unsurmountable odds interest you, then Reflections is your must read.

The author warns its readers to be ready to cry, laugh, learn, and be inspired. This collection of poems quickly becomes a story of overcoming, changing, believing, and loving that you as a reader will want to share with anyone you know who has a son, father, brother, or husband incarcerated.

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Keith Alexander McCloud
ISBN 10:
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date:
June 1, 2022