What's Wrong With My Culture?: A Black Man's Introspection Into His Life and Culture (PB) (2021)


This is one man's coming to terms with all the negative decisions he's made throughout his life, as well as the influence his culture has had on these decisions in his life. He attempts to dissect and analyze some of the prevalent and erroneous mindsets within the Black community, where they come from, as well as how they are holding African American men and women back today. The way in which he relates his experiences in his life through the lens of his culture makes this a deep and honest examination of Black culture as a whole.

This is guaranteed to resonate with anyone concerned with the state of large swathes of the African American communities throughout the country. This isn't a story of "the man" is holding us down. This is a story of how these men and women became and are holding us back from being the men and women we were destined to be. Jason Banks asks himself the hard questions to come up with the answers contained in this book. It is an open, honest, at times uncomfortable insight into one Black man's life that took the wrong fork in the road.

This book is an attempt to influence his culture for the better so others may succeed where he failed. Readers will be afforded the same insight by simply reading and taking the journey with him.

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Jason Banks
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Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date:
April 23, 2021