Sovereign Love: A Guide to Healing Relationships by Reclaiming the Masculine and Feminine Within (PB) (2024)

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From couples therapist Dené Logan comes a new perspective on understanding our inner masculine and feminine energetics as the key to experiencing fulfillment in our partnerships.

Does something feel off about your intimate relationships? If you haven't been able to pin down exactly what, you aren't alone. While attempting to connect the dots of her own experience to the patterns she observes within the relationships of her clients, couples therapist Dené Logan came to a vital understanding in the search for relational fulfilment: the answer often lies in the inherent interplay of the masculine and feminine energy that everyone possesses.

Both masculine and feminine polarities are present in every person and relationship. When we're out of touch with the energetics within ourselves and those around us, it can create an internal struggle and sense of disharmony in our partnerships. "Understanding these dynamics is the key to ending the unspoken war of the sexes that plays out far too often in our relationships," Logan says. Thankfully, we have the power to work with these polarities, first within ourselves, and then within our relationships.

In Sovereign Love, Logan helps us understand how to integrate masculine and feminine energetics so we can move away from the codependent, transactional views of what relationships "should" be, toward an interdependent, mutually balanced state where both partners are present, self-aware, and strong in Self. Here you'll discover:
- What energetics you've been operating from and why
- The polarities that are being created in your partnerships
- How to take personal responsibility for shifting your own energy to a more integrated place

Logan shares revelations and techniques to support you in experiencing the wholehearted, satiating kind of love that is rooted in self-awareness and interdependence. "By unpacking the historical, cultural, and highly individual reasons why we love the way we do," she explains, "we can understand our motivations and consciously choose to love in a way that serves our growth, our values, and our personal sovereignty."


Dené Logan
ISBN 10:
Sounds True
Publication Date:
May 28, 2024

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