Overcoming Poverty: A Journey to Success (PB) (2021)

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Overcoming Poverty: A Journey to Success

By: Dr. Maurice Odine

Overcoming Poverty: A Journey to Success by Dr. Maurice Odine is an autobiography that details his colorful life from his beginnings in Africa to his attainment of his doctorate degree in America. In view of the fact that there are more have-nots in the world, this book serves a non-fiction global perspective on facing various challenges or drawbacks that people with very meager means encounter as they chart their way to success. Additionally, the book provides a useful foundation for individuals and organizations that may find it rewarding in their cause to help poor human beings in their struggle to overcome poverty in order to become successful. Above all, the book is intended to encourage less fortunate ones not to give up despite tortuous hurdles, but to be resilient in treading their journey to success.

About the Author

Originally from Cameroon, Dr. Odine's community involvement includes socializing periodically through the organization of ex-students of my alma mater-Presbyterian Secondary School-and sundry activities organized by African and international entities. In keeping with academic and professional contribution in various intercultural communities, Dr. Odine has directed literacy communications programs through grantsmanship to benefit disadvantaged students and enabled African professors to participate in exchange programs with universities in the US. Special interests include scholarly research for publications and presentations at conferences, discovery and dissemination of new knowledge, plus serving as mentor to learners. Versed in multiculturalism, he is fluent in five languages and has worked in Cameroon, Haiti, Botswana, Lesotho, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait as professor and/or administrator.


Maurice Odine
ISBN 10:
Dorrance Publishing Co.
Publication Date:
April 14, 2021

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