Our Successful Struggle (PB) (2021)


This is our family journey through slavery up through modern times. This family knew what it was like to be taken from a happy life, to be forced into servitude, escaping to freedom, becoming free and fighting for the same freedom for others, being a pioneer, and growing with a nation. This historical American Black experience covers life events of Genevieve Clark who lived to be 108, and several generations before her. Read about a hardy people that went through tough times and prevailed by their wits, hard labor, and by the grace of God. They made friends with natives, had a sense of humor, did many things by hand, experienced harsh conditions, and got educated.

There were sorrowful moments, good times, and victory. They had big families with little convenience. These pioneers constructed dugouts for living spaces before baseball made that a household word. Who had time to be bored with chores, adventure, and marvelous challenges ahead just to survive? It took a different type of person to get through these hurdles without the modern inventions and conveniences that make living so much easier today.

There are also several short stories and situations that you won't want to miss. If you like history, you'll love this. These things really happened, and the people took it without flinching or complaining. They weren't afraid to face their lives as told by those who lived it or knew someone who did.

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Kenneth Stewart
ISBN 10:
Covenant Books
Publication Date:
May 23, 2021