Through Dreams: Book 2 (PB) (2021)


Paul and Sara are the very definition of soul mates, destined for true love. Their path was written in the stars before they were born. Sara's off to college to become a schoolteacher. Paul got a spot at the fire station in the same town Sara is attending college in. The world is bright and inviting for them. Their dreams are coming true.

Knowing they want to spend the rest of their lives together had them standing at the altar before venturing off to fulfill their dreams. Sadly, on the night of their wedding, fate decided to test their love to its very limits, throwing them for a loop with no relief in sight. Stuck in different realms, they must find the path back to each other.

The happy ending they both envisioned for themselves is spinning out of control. Sara's world has all color. Now she has to fight to be strong for the love of her life. Sara's determination to be the pillar of strength for Paul becomes the light that guides him through the dream realm, showing him the way home. Paul is lost in a realm different from anything he has ever known. He must battle creatures of myth that are the stuff nightmares are made of to get back to his love.

Sara's soft cries are heard from the sky, pleading for him to fight his way back to her. She is his lifeline home, his driving force, the lighthouse in the storm, his beacon of hope. She is what he fights for.

Sara's unwavering love for Paul shines forgiveness in unexpected ways. She must find the strength to wake up every day and the determination to not give up on their future.

Don't miss how the story began with Written in the Stars' Book 1 of Paul and Sara's story.

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Carrie Remick
ISBN 10:
Fulton Books
Publication Date:
September 13, 2021