Girls from Da Hood 14 (MM) (2022)

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Two Essence(R) bestselling Urban Books authors have teamed up to bring the Motor City drama in this latest installment of the popular Girls from da Hood Series.

All the Way In, by Treasure Hernandez: Born into the struggle, Sonya and Melody are far from living the good life. They're missing meals, have no clean clothes to put on their backs, and are forced to sleep in abandoned houses. There are zero possibilities in sight for a legal come-up for either young woman.

The desperate teens have no choice but to beg, borrow, and steal if they hope to survive on the savage streets of Detroit. In a twist of fate, the pair link up, adapting a bloodthirsty, anything-goes, what's-yours-is-mine attitude that they inflict upon all with whom they come in contact. Sonya and Melody are made of no sugar, no spice, and definitely nothing nice!

Escaping a Thug's Love, by Ms. Michel Moore The Dexter Linwood Area is one of the most notorious neighborhoods in Detroit. Sable and Mike Mike were both born into that pure madness. When they fall in love, the young couple soon becomes DLA royalty, and they embrace all the chaos that comes along with it. Whenever he rocks, she rolls. If she hustles, he grinds. Their gangsta lifestyle is picture-perfect until Mike Mike starts popping pills and getting high on the regular. Soon, bills are not getting paid, vehicles are being repossessed, and shutoff notices become the norm. The last straw is when Sable's jewelry mysteriously comes up missing. Now, the hood princess wants out of their toxic relationship. Will Mike Mike let her go?

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Treasure Hernandez
Michel Moore
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Urban Books
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May 24, 2022