The Bean Pie: A Remembering of our Family's Faith, Fortitude, & Forgiveness (PB) (2022)


In The Bean Pie: A Remembering of our Family's Faith, Fortitude, & Forgiveness, Tiffany Green-Abdullah remembers her ancestors and the generations of African American women who overcame the odds and created a brighter future for her family.

Opening with her Second Great Aunt Daisy living as an African American girl in 1910 Alabama, we follow her as she migrates out of the South, establishes herself as a business owner, and creates the original Bean Pie, a food that's become iconic among Black Muslims and is widely celebrated in the United States. However, its history has been unknown until now.

Tiffany shares and reflects on the lives of her great aunt, grandmother, and mother before turning inward to share her triumphant story. Despite the years separating them, she finds striking similarities throughout their lives and sheds light on the threads of abuse, addiction, grief, and neglect that have impacted her family for generations. Tiffany shows how faith, fortitude, and her love story have moved her family into the future.

Through trials and tribulations, each woman in Tiffany Green-Abdullah's The Bean Pie is forced to confront their own ideas of gender, race, religion, mental illness, and the healing power of love, revealing how four generations of women turned their pain into power.

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Tiffany Green-Abdullah
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New Degree Press
Publication Date:
January 14, 2022