My People, My Time (PB) (2020)


The African American people fought for the basic right afforded to us by the constitution to live free, then to be seen as equals in a world that often dismisses us. We have overcome many obstacles placed in front of us. While we can quickly recognize problems caused by others such as police and rightly seek justice, the biggest impediment we have yet to overcome is our intentional destruction of our people based on greed, success, money, and drugs.

We, as a people, need to be like-minded and like-looking. We need to balance our beliefs and integrate faith into real life. In times of trouble, we lose perspective. Bad things happen to good and bad people; good things happen to good and bad people, but with the good and bad, we must find common ground for all to flourish.

Inside, you will discover documented events in African American history and one woman's personal journey through two turning points that would have a profound impact on her people. This book is meant to remind us of the path we have journeyed and ask us to look, as a race, where are we headed and will the road we are on get us there. Together, we are strong. Our strength cannot be stolen but can be surrendered by our lack of action. We determine our destiny!

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Deborah McCrayer
ISBN 10:
Covenant Books
Publication Date:
November 23, 2020