My People, My People, My God! (PB) (2018)


"Rev. Marbury's poetic assertions have always seemed to elevate the tenor and importance of the information being presented, making it, at once, something you wanted to hear...something you wanted to listen to; like a lovingly or carelessly whispered, heartfelt intonation. His book is an autobiographical, generation-spanning work of worship and praise to our Lord and Savior. It is realized through the prism of the history of Black people in America. This book is a profoundly introspective and unconventional poetic account of the pilgrimage of a poor, little asthmatic black boy from the Hill District of Pittsburgh to the corridors of America's most hallowed, powerful and elite institutions, and of the people met along the way, the challenges faced and overcome. Moreover, it is about the love, grace and mercy of the God who was always with him and who waited patiently on him to answer his call to ministry. My People, My People, My God is a spiritual, historical, sociological and racial American jazz exhortation from which the reader/hearer will be transported to empathic, immutable, soaring flight."

The Reverend Grainger Browning, Senior Pastor, Ebenezer AME Church, Fort Washington, Maryland


Don Marbury is the senior pastor of Ebenezer AME Church in Hagerstown, MD. Prior to this April 2017 Episcopal appointment, he was, for eleven years the senior pastor of Ebenezer AME in Brunswick, MD, and for five years the senior pastor of St. John AME in Benedict, MD. For the past 18 years, he has been an adjunct professor of English at Montgomery College. He was also an adjunct professor of film and television at Howard University for ten years. Marbury left a 27-year career in 1997 as a top public broadcasting executive, television and film producer, and news anchorman to pursue his call to ministry. His writings and performances of his works have earned him national and international recognition. Many of his poems and short stories were produced for television and film. Marbury, in PBS circles was, indeed, a luminary. He is a cum laude, Master of Divinity graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary and served on its board of governors for four years. He earned his undergraduate degree with honors in English from the University of Pittsburgh. Over five decades, Rev. Marbury has performed his poetry and narrated his short stories to audiences from all over the world. His personal contacts and friends include major leaders in Christianity, Broadcasting and Film, and Academia. He is president of his own executive, broadcasting consulting firm, UnderOneSky Media.

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Donald L. Marbury
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Kharis Publishing
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September 21, 2018