Unmasking the Accuser: How to Fight Satan's Favorite Lie


When was the last time a Christian hurt you? 

The spirits of slander, gossip, and offense began their work in the garden of Eden, and they have been raging ever since. They ruin families, destroy churches, and discredit those in spiritual leadership. Daily, more people are falling victim. 

Satan wants us to believe that Christians can't hurt each other--that spiritual attacks always come from the outside the church. But when Dr. Kynan Bridges rips the mask off of the Accuser, the truth is revealed: Satan's spirits of slander, gossip, and offense are actually using believers to infect the church from the inside out with bitterness and spiritual dissension. And even worse, believers are too often lending them a hand instead of fighting back. 

If you want to stop working for the devil and instead promote peace and find freedom, this is your guide. Using a careful study of the Word of God and powerful testimonies, Dr. Bridges shows you how to recognize the impact of the spoken word, overcome church hurt, and embrace unity in Christ. 

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Kynan Bridges
Whitaker House
Publication Date:
February 07, 2017