Ageism Unmasked: Exploring Age Bias and How to End It (HC) (2022)

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Why do we still tolerate stereotypes and discrimination based on age?

This bold account of the history and present-day realities of ageism by a nationally recognized gerontologist and speaker uncovers ageism's roots, impact, and how each of us can create a new reality of elderhood.

Ageism Unmasked shifts the lens, enabling us to see that we tolerate, and sometimes actively promote, attitudes and behaviors toward differently aged people that we would reject and condemn if applied to any other group. It peels back the layers to expose how cultural norms and unconscious prejudices have seeped into our lives, silently shaping our treatment of others based on their age and our own misconceptions about aging--and about ourselves.

Offering an all-inclusive approach, Dr. Tracey Gendron reveals the biases behind our false understanding of aging, sharing powerful opportunities for personal growth along with strategies to help create an anti-ageist society.

- Ageism Unmasked will help readers let go of our desperate need to stay young... exposing how we personally, systematically, structurally, and institutionally stigmatize being old.
- Ageism Unmasked will help readers appreciate both the challenges and opportunities of how we all age... showing how ageism is prejudice towards both younger and older people.
- Ageism Unmasked will help readers reset our expectations for getting old... providing the tools to anticipate and experience elderhood as a time of renewed meaning and purpose, empowering each of us to create our own definition of successful aging.

Ageism Unmasked continues Dr. Gendron's transformative work inspiring people of all ages to embrace aging as our universal and lifelong process of developing over time -- biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually.

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Tracey Gendron
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Steerforth Press
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March 1, 2022