How to Fight in the Dark (PB) (2017)

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When Sasha Christiansen was little, she made a wish. She wished for a life filled with adventures. And guess what? God heard her wish and gave her just that life. How to Fight in the Dark is the tale of her life.

Christiansen, writing in her forties, shares her story with us, as a way to document her escape from Russia to a new life in the United States. She hopes to preserve these tales for her children, because someday they will no longer think their mother is old-fashioned and uncool! So sit back, and enjoy as the tale unfolds from the dark catacombs of a city unknown to you.

Beyond the seven hills of the Eastern Capital, an evil entity rises from the ruins of two wealthy families. He terrorizes everybody around, for he is a creature of the dark. Who will be sent to fight him? Nobody but a little child, the devil's own daughter. In order to fight this demon, she needs to grow up first. Who will raise her? She has to claw her way to adulthood by herself. Read on to see how she gets there.

About the Author

Sasha Christiansen grew up in Communist Russia in the 1970s and '80s, and her book tells the story of her survival. Christiansen came from a wealthy family and the Communist leaders did not want her family to survive. Her relatives were killed and sent to labor camps, denied higher education, and forcibly sent from Moscow to Siberia. But she survived. Her family became rocket scientists and helped Russia into the space age. She shares her story so everyone can read about what happened there during this time.


Sasha Christiansen
ISBN 10:
Dorrance Publishing Co.
Publication Date:
August 10, 2017

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