Greetings from Morocco (PB) (2023)

The collection of short stories gives the reader an insight into the Arab world with all its peculiarities and attractions. The author found the themes of the stories on her journeys in Morocco in the period from 2013 to 2018. In her book, she managed to perfectly capture the atmosphere of the various places she visited, as well as the types of people she met. Thus, the reader can get to know the crowd in a big city with its hidden places, as well as the endless and powerful Sahara desert and its inhabitants. Witty stories that are easy to read encourage the reader to think about the differences between the two cultures, about modern way of life in the Western world and his comparison with Arabic world.
Pavla Gambiraza
This is a story of life reflected in an amazing mosaic of colourful experiences. It is hard to say anything about what these pages hold without the risk of revealing too much and ruining the surprise. This book is not only about that surreal African country. It is about the warmth of human nature, leaps and depths of faith, ethereal strings that connect us all, bringing us to the same primordial truth whoever we may be, and from wherever we may come. This is a book you will never forget. So, sit back and enjoy, and welcome to Morocco!
Snjezana Djordjic, Profis d.d.o
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Ankica Matijević
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Austin Macauley
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June 23, 2023