Jeremiah the Squirrel! (HC) (2017)


Jeremiah the Squirrel! is a book about a little squirrel that lives in a park. Across the road there is a different kind of park. There are different animals that live in this other park. Jeremiah is scared to go over because he is afraid those animals will hurt him. Then he has to go across the road to the different park. He then realizes that the other park isn't that bad or scary at all and he meets some nice animals along his adventure.

About the Author

Alissa Taylor Bailey thought that she would give the reader a children's book that is about two different worlds that are only across the road from each other. One side of the road has a little squirrel that is scared to go out into the outside world, but realizes that the world doesn't have to be scary as long as you have people that are willing to be friends - even if they are different.

Alissa is a new author, but she has always liked to write. Also, she wants to get the message to the world that just because God makes everyone different does not mean we have to dislike each other. Children have always been an important part of Alissa's life and she thought that writing a book could catch their attention and teach them that people can get along no matter what they look like. Come join Jeremiah on his adventure to the other side of diversity and friendship and escape all the chaos of the world into a fun and happy place for you and your child.

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Alissa Taylor Bailey
ISBN 10:
Rosedog Books
Publication Date:
May 24, 2017
Age Group:
Young Readers (9 - 13)
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