Trials and Triumphs: Dilemma of African Women (PB) (2021)


Trials and Triumphs: Dilemma of African Women

By: Monica Zunny

In this book the writer highlights some of the salient and true dilemmas that the average West African woman faces. Trials and Triumphs: Dilemma of African Women is set in the West African country of Nigeria with its diverse cultures, religious orientations and several languages. The author brings to light the challenges, trials and triumphs of women in this socio-economic background and underscores the general view that female children are second-class in most families. This belief creates the bedrock for the lack of education and neglect. Some of these young women, Uche, Yemi and Ehi, are able to weather the storms and take their own destinies into their own hands to create their own happiness and standards of life in the face of staggering opposition.

About the Author

Monica Zunny was born in Delta State Warri in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria West Africa. She had her university degree in Religious Studies from Edo State University in 1995 and a Masters in International Law and Diplomacy from the prestigious University of Lagos Nigeria in 2001. Monica Zunny's interest in writing started in her teenage years. She has undertaken several trainings in the area of Administration and Corporate governance. She is a songwriter and singer. She is married with children.

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Monica Zunny
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Rosedog Books
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March 17, 2021