The Chief's Daughter (PB) (2020)


A mermaid and a merman fall in love, but her secrets will force them apart.

When Kalaiyah and Nateo meet, they both experience a love unlike anything either of them has felt before.

But Kalaiyah is keeping something from Nateo, the truth about who she really is.

Heartbroken and devastated from her lies, Nateo returns to the Atlantic Ocean.

Only for Kalaiyah to follow and beg his forgiveness.

No matter how much he tries, Nateo can't forget the circumstances surrounding her secret. He's in turmoil whether to take back the love of his life or never being able to trust her again.

All Kalaiyah wanted was to savor her last bout of freedom before she returned home. Only she didn't count on meeting the merman of her dreams.

When opportunity strikes for her to go to Nateo in the Atlantic Ocean, she doesn't hesitate.

But there's a reason why Kalaiyah hid who she was.

Can she be strong enough to change her own fate?

Will it be with Nateo by her side?

The Chief's Daughter is the fifth book in the Kingdoms of the Ocean series.

A secret world far below the water's surface. Where the merpeople not only navigate the perils of life under the sea but also of love.

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Jessica Gleave
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Jessica Gleave
Publication Date:
August 20, 2020