Driven by Lies (PB) (2020)


They say what's done in the dark always comes to light.

As teenagers, four friends were in a tragic accident, resulting in a death. To save their lives and reputation, they had to sacrifice the life of one of their own. This decision seals their fates. That night, new friendships were forged and a pact is made to never speak of it again.

Years later, the women have moved on with their lives, three of them still thick as thieves. Though they act like nothing ever happened, life comes at them fast, unrelenting in its quest for justice. Each woman seems to have more drama than she can handle. Jayda is in an abusive relationship, Yolanda suffers a tragic loss, and Shay finds herself a suspect in her lover's murder. As things seem to suddenly go from bad to worse, they can't help but wonder if the universe is righting their wrongs.

When Koshie, the one friend they left behind, makes her presence known, their house of lies begins to crumble. Desperate, one of them takes matters into her own hands, determined to keep the truth hidden away. As the threat of their secret being revealed becomes more real, they will stop at nothing to keep it buried. Will they keep their pact of silence and secrecy or will vengeance and betrayal shatter their friendship, exposing them all? Find out what happens when friendships are Driven by Lies in this explosive tale, where the desire for self-preservation meets karma!

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Amarquis Publications, LLC
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December 1, 2020