Prophecy Trilogy: New Moon #1 (PB) (2023)


In "New Moon," the battle between fate and the unseen unfolds in a land of elemental magic, where disobedience can lead to death. Eli, a Zodian warrior, struggles to recover what was lost on the battlefield, while Talia, a fierce water warrioress, grapples with her role as a wife and mother, unable to mend her broken marriage.

Eli is sent on an impossible mission to seek out the Chosen One, Tabatha, a task that no one has ever returned from. His loyalty and obedience are put to the test as he faces a darkness that only the Chosen One can defeat.

As Tabatha is thrust into the spotlight as the Chosen One, she must navigate her newfound power and the weight of destiny on her shoulders. With the fate of the land hanging in the balance, will she answer the call and rise to the challenge, or will she succumb to the shadows?

"New Moon" is a gripping tale of love, torment, and loss that explores the power of destiny and the lengths one will go to fulfill their duty. Fans of high-stakes fantasy and epic battles won't want to miss this thrilling adventure.

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Liz Bullard
Liz Bullard
Publication Date:
July 17, 2023