Bound by Passion (CD) (2023)

This book will ship on Sep 12, 2023
To control or to be controlled... Attorney Royce Parker has had the hots for Michelle Kincaid for a couple of years and decides it's time to do something about it. He books a cruise through her travel agency and talks her into joining him as nothing more than a friend. Once together on the high seas, they discover their biggest challenge is fighting the powerful attraction trying to overtake their senses. Michelle Kincaid has issues. The main one is her domineering attitude that extends to the bedroom. For that reason, she only dates men who will accept her controlling nature. She knows Royce is not a man to let any woman have control over him. For that reason, she avoids him at all cost. When she sees that avoiding him doesn't work, she comes up with a plan to change his way of thinking. Will she change his way of thinking? Or in the end, will Royce be the one changing hers?
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Brenda Jackson
Read by:
Ron Butler
Publication Date:
September 12, 2023