Discovering The Covering (PB) (2019)


Amia Copeland was like any other recent college graduate having just landed her first great-paying job at one of the nation's most prestigious African American law firms. She was giddy with excitement about her future, feeling the power of being a young woman, and looking forward to putting her mark on the world. Her career was beginning to shine as brilliantly as her personality and perfectly pearly whites. Her mere allure and presence had been enough to create an influx of new clients, but it was her uncanny ability to find the overlooked detail and effectively shift the scales of justice her firm's way that kept the clients coming.

She seemed to be in command of everything in her life and due to her unwavering faith in God, felt virtually unstoppable. Her life - in a word - blessed. She was on the verge of life as one of the most successful, eligible, and intensely desired women in Pittsburgh.

The firm was just celebrating their biggest acquittal in years, due to Mia's persistent last-minute research, when her cell phone rang. Her heart stopped abruptly knowing that the sobbing on the other end meant that life - as she'd known it - would never be the same. So, at age twenty-six, Mia's faith was tested as she began what would become one of the biggest, most important battles of her life.

At the same time, her knack for uncovering the hidden truth led her not to the shelves of law libraries to research statutes or analyze prior judicial decisions. It did, however, lead her to cleverly concealed secrets and a trail of clues - all which led her to a suddenly unfamiliar place called home.

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Shamicka C. Toney
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Shamicka C. Toney
Publication Date:
October 21, 2019