Metastatic America: Discovering America While Discovering Myself (PB) (2021)


Metastatic America sits at the intersection of personal memoir, current events, and self-improvement. It is a social commentary on the state of race, religion, and culture in the United States as seen through the life experiences of a Black health-care executive. With hilarious stories and witty one-liners, Barrett uses comedy to illustrate the various dichotomies in American society that have created marginalized communities.

Using the cancer journey as a framework, Barrett provides a strikingly transparent view of society from the Black perspective. As he points out in one of the chapters, racism doesnt have to exist, but it does. The question is, why does it exist, and how can we change our current state of affairs to fulfill the American dream?

In this very transparent memoir, Barrett unveils his deepest secrets and most pivotal challenges that have most impacted his life. His story of overcoming in the face of adversity will inspire readers and motivate them to pursue the person they were born to be. From a kid whose daily walk from school included passing crack houses to becoming an executive in the largest health-care system in the country, Barrett met with triumph and disaster and treated those two impostors the same. His humility, desire to help others, and faith in his calling to spread hope remained steadfast despite enduring depressing lows and enjoying exhilarating highs.

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Barrett Blackmon
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Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date:
February 23, 2021