The Funk Sonatra Project: An Epic Sci-Fi Novella (PB) (2019)


When the eclectic, Sinatra loving, drag-racing Rok endures a horrible helicopter crash, he awakens to find himself seventy years in the future. A future he could have never imagined. For someone like Rok, a music connoisseur who embraces his own brand of Cool, the future is far from his dreams and more like an unthinkable nightmare. He's stunned to learn that all elements of creativity, ingenuity, and individuality are banned. Natural resources have been pillaged and governments have conspired with one another to keep their populations under control, a campaign led by Da Man, a sinister cyborg.

With his hosts, Billis and Pooky, a motley father-son duo that manage an underground resistance network, Rok taps into his passion and creates inspiring tunes. The Funk Sonatra Project is born! Together they join forces with a beautiful assassin, Nzinga, whose strong sense of justice and indelible resolve proves to be the missing link they need as they endeavor to overthrow Da Man.

In hopes of lighting the match that reignites the spark of creativity worldwide, Billis and Pooky race to get The Funk Sonatra disseminated through their clandestine network without being detected by Da Man's forces. Meanwhile, as their romance buds, Rok and Nzinga go after Da Man head on, undertaking a life or death mission, prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of creativity and humanity.

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O. W. Serellus
ISBN 10:
Mynd Matters Publishing
Publication Date:
November 12, 2019