Truth Seeker: A Dream Weavers & Truth Seekers Novella #1 (PB) (2019)


An immortal on a mission. A man trapped in a labyrinth. Can she control the maze before their world crumbles?

Maggie has grown weary of outliving everything she knows and loves. Numb to her job as a supernatural detective, she vows her next mission will be her last. But when the case alerts her to an enchanted series of tunnels, saving the mortal trapped in its mystical network may be the least of her troubles.

Philippe was ready for a new line of work when a magical coffee bean whisked him halfway across all of creation. Desperate to stay alive in a world the roadie doesn't understand, laying eyes on his beautiful savior Maggie gives him extra motivation to survive. If only he can avoid doing something stupid that destroys all of humanity...

With a reckless mortal in tow, Maggie's unsure she can prevent the dark-roasted portals from unleashing a hellishly destructive evil.

Can the roadie and the immortal face down the builders of the passages in time to save the world?

Truth Seeker is the first book in the imaginative Dream Weavers and Truth Seekers urban fantasy series. If you like mythical realms, startling twists, and a hint of paranormal romance, then you'll love Cecilia Dominic's supernatural adventure.

Buy Truth Seeker to journey into a magical new world today!

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Cecilia Dominic
Holly Atkinson
ISBN 10:
Atlanta Insomnia & Behavioral Health Services
Publication Date:
November 18, 2019