Vague Memories (PB) (2013)

Joanna Puciata will take you to a far away land of not too long ago in Warsaw, Poland. The family dynamics and the warmth of their home will make you forget the hardships of a time when the socialistic rule oppressed the Polish people. The family legacy is simply an example and an encouragement for all to follow. A gentle challenge that whispers, "What are you doing to instill wonder and life in your children?" Although Vague Memories is a short memoir, it is also a voice that stands out amidst the oppression of the time to show the power of the human spirit, and the power of will to hold on to what makes our hearts beat. Through these pages, you will feel the pure joy and unending love the family shared. This is a tale that will encourage and inspire because of the simplicity of life, yet the richness of spirit. As a fellow mother of a child with Down syndrome, I found Joanna's accounts of her sister, Kasia, to be especially touching. Evidence that people with Down syndrome have great potential, and a real example of what it means to love your children unconditionally, and encourage them in their talents and gifts. I wanted to reach across the pages and extend my help and support to her mother, as she had to stand insults and rejection because of her daughter not being what others considered "normal." Kasia's level of independence was a testimony of the dedication and support she had from her family. The love between Kasia and her father was touching. At the end of the book, I wanted to know this family personally, to sit down and have a cup of Turkish coffee with them, and share more stories about what life was like for them. Vague Memories is a rare treat, and the message of the story will touch the hearts of its readers.
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Joanna Puciata
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Heal 'n Glow
Publication Date:
January 31, 2013