Just Like Me Series (PB) (2010)

What would life be like without the traffic light, the 365 day calendar, the gas mask, or mathematics like addition, subtraction, geometry and trigonometry? If your child does not know that Africans and African Americans are responsible for these discoveries as well as many others, then your child is missing vital pieces to world history. The Just Like Me Series teaches astonishing black history facts that were never taught in school. The series combines black history from Ancient Africa to America with a bonus section on future careers into one big fun activity that captivates children from all backgrounds. The Just Like Me Series has received media attention from BET, Channel 9 News (the CBS affiliate in Washington, DC), The Washington Post, five nationally syndicated radio shows, and over 60 other media outlets from around the country for the success the series has had with children. The book series has touched children from all walks of life with the most success being with African American children. The Just Like Me Series has proven to inspire African American children to read and it also helps raise their self-esteem. All the facts contained in the Just Like Me Series have been gathered from reputable sources like the US Patent Office, The Washington Post, and Newsweek. The Just Like Me Series is the perfect tool to teach all children about the many great accomplishments made by Black people throughout history that have helped elevate our society to its current status
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Yaba Baker
Leslie Quill
ISBN 10:
Just Like Me
Publication Date:
August 30, 2010
Age Group:
Children (0 - 8)
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