Firing God


Cheryl Abram was also at the end of her rope: her life was falling apart on every level and she had ‘succeeded’ in making herself unworthy, incomplete and separate. Then, one day this practicing Christian took a ‘leap of doubt’ and fired God, or at least the God she had created.

Cheryl’s outward circumstances did not miraculously improve – this is not a fairy-tale story of allowing abundance into her life. Rather, as she puts it: I’m no longer afraid, anxious or expectant. It’s still about me, but the “me” is not the “me” that I thought it was. It’s not a little limited human being that was born and will die. I am not that. As a human being, I can see that I am connected to everything around me. I am a whole part of the tapestry of this world. We are all here for and as each other. To read how that came about and what it means in an everyday life for Cheryl and the implications for you and me, dive into the pages of this book.

Review Quotes:
"Firing God" is a story of transcending spiritual consumerism (of life-long shopping for the right church and the right set of beliefs) to finding the church within; a story of embodying the Ordinary Perfection of the Present; a story of fearless liberation from dependence on a cultural narrative; a story of apostatic self-re-creation in the image of What Eternally Is. "Firing God" is a story of letting go of stories we tell ourselves and learning to just live. 

- Pavel Somov, PhD, author of "Present Perfect" and "The Lotus Effect""

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Cheryl Abram
New Harbinger Publishing
Publication Date:
November 07, 2014