Hoodoo for Beginners: Discover the Hidden Plants Powers and Conjure with Herbs, Roots, Candles, Flowers, and Oils - Folk African Spiritual T (PB) (2022)


Are you familiar with native African spiritual traditions?Have you heard of Hoodoo and its practices?

Would you like to learn more about it and how it works?

Hoodoo originated in the United States and was created by African slaves who concealed the custom from their slave masters. It encompasses a wide range of spiritual practices, traditions and commonly held beliefs that evolved from various traditional African folk religions, and their use of flowers, candles and oils to create harmony and cast spells.


In this new book, Hoodoo for Beginners, you can explore these traditions and their advanced thinking in chapters that cover:

  • An overview of Hoodoo and its beliefs
  • How to get started and incorporate it into your daily life
  • Cleansing and purification rituals
  • Spells for wealth, luck, justice, peace and more
  • The different objects and substances that are used in Hoodoo
  • Using herbs and roots for magic and spells
  • Magic candles and oils
  • Building and using your own altar
  • And more...


Together with a history of African peoples and their migrations to the United States, Cuba, South America and other locations, Hoodoo for Beginners explores an enigmatic set of practices that have been in use for hundreds of years and which still hold a place in the lives of millions of people of African descent today.

Now you can gain a better understanding of Hoodoo and see why it retains its popularity.

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Maria Butfield
ISBN 10:
Wed Books Publications
Publication Date:
August 19, 2022