Better Than Slavery: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out (HC) (2021)


Where does the word "religion" come from and what does it aim at? In general, religion is a social-cultural system of beliefs, and worldviews, meaning that it is linked to a belief in something "supernatural" such as a higher power. Religious people see faith as something that gives their life meaning, offers them social and religious possibilities in the world, and allows them to better understand the interrelationships of existence. Nevertheless, does religion preach hatred, violence, discrimination, and suffocation? Religion played a vital role in the development of culture in every country but wasn't left out when religious discrimination was formed.

Religious discrimination is only one type of multifaceted phenomenon called racism. Racial discrimination has a huge impact on minorities, different religious groups, and people of color.

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"Better than Slavery" touches upon truly fragile topics that played and still play a dramatic role in racism, post-traumatic slave syndrome (PTSS), and immigration:

  • Racism in the United States has a history of ages. African-Americans were kept as slaves, especially in the southern states, until slavery was abolished in 1865.
  • Academics and the concept of Racism - Racism today
  • Social impact of Racism (inequality, inefficiency, social injustice, violence)
  • The ten types of black racism - bullying
  • Implementing a racist-free environment

Overcoming racism can be a tough challenge. Are you going through one or maybe someone from your circle? Share kindness, love, and accept the unique differences of the human race. "Better than Slavery" is the book to make you fall in love with mankind again.

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Jordan Ballard
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Jordan Ballard
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May 21, 2021