We Woke Up (HC) (2021)


We Woke Up.

December 2019 was a month of anticipation. Unbeknownst to anyone 2020 would come in and wake everyone up from a sleep that many did not comprehend existed.

The pandemic came in and caused doubt and fear. How is it that in the year 2020 America could be unprepared in a way that it would cost the lives of women, men, and children. The pandemic gave a new meaning to 'wash your hands' and 'keep your distance'. Worries of a shut down, thoughts of state borders closing, and the unnecessary rush to purchase toilet paper all were daily thoughts in the lives of people across America.

The Start to the Awakening

Unfortunately, the pandemic wasn't what totally woke the world up. Instead, it allowed everyone to be at home sitting in front of a television while events of the world unfolded before the eyes of all. But why? Why did a few events spark a national outrage? How was racism ignited in a land that is free, a land where people are due a day in court.

What people failed to realize is that one event didn't cause the events of what transpired over months to unveil, instead it reminded Americans of what has been occurring for too long.

But how did people see this now? It happened in previous years, where was the cry? It happened in previous cities yet there were no riots. Why now, why in 2020? Why in the midst of a pandemic is the world deciding to finally wake up?

The Reason Why

Prior to the start of the awakening all concerts were canceled; no waiting in long lines to see entertainers. Airport lines were the shortest it has ever been. People were not traveling because of uncertainty of where Covid-19 may be found. Sports were at a halt. Fans were unable to secure a seat in many stadiums; the entire sports world stood still. Live television shows were finding ways to regroup and provide broadcasting from the comforts of their own home. Jobs were laying off hard workers and dining out was limited to take-out. The world stood still.

The world was at home frustrated and confused about what each day would bring. And in the midst of uncertainty, in a time when millions lost their employment, a time when schools were closed, when husbands were home with their wives, children eating dinner with their families, a time when each person was sitting in their living room waiting for directives from a pandemic; time stood still and events unfolded.

How could the world ignore this? The answer is simple; we couldn't. The entire world had no choice but to bring the events to the table and tackle it once and for all.

We Woke Up....

Can you handle the truth?

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January 29, 2021