Mirrors and Reflections (PB) (2020)


When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Better yet, who do you see? Do you see yourself or someone else?

In this adventurous book of poetry, Jordan Wells shares with you a collection of poems from a span of ten years; from his High School and College years, all the way up until the current times of today. Wells is sharing with you a variety of topics; love, heartbreak, fantasy, fear, hate, death, hope,

humor, and the list go on and on. You will also read short stories and some of the thoughts that Wells once had about his life and how he reflects on

living in America. Wells has a specific vision of what he sees in the future. The world may be heading towards a new wave of fear,

paranoia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. A world that cannot escape the mind control that awaits people.

In poems such as, "COVID-19 Was Here," and "The Circus of Social Media," you will read wells' perception of how such events have shaped

our world, the social fabric of our world, and the impression it will have upon the next generations to come. What Wells is hoping for you, as the reader, is that you are first of all; open-minded, an adventurer of poetry, and that this book is escapism for you. A place where you can possibly see yourself in, like a mirror, and you are able to reflect on what you see.

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Jordan Wells
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Scott and Scholars Press
Publication Date:
July 13, 2020