Profound Parenting: A Southern Christian Mother Answers Her Son's Request for a Road Map to Parenting It's Different. It's Radical. It Wor (PB) (2019)


The single most important thing you will ever find to do in this world is to raise a child. Surely there are other noble pursuits, but if blessed to be a parent, what you accomplish by raising a child will affect eternity. Generation after generation will benefit by, or be damaged by, your influence on your child.

It is now more difficult than ever to raise a child in America. That is, if your desire is for your child to be secure in their Christian faith, willing to take a stand against drugs and alcohol, and to value a commitment to a Christ-like life. If you want your child to see through the deception, pitfalls, and snares that will be set before him by the liar in chief, and if you want him or her to be upstanding in character and outstanding in intellect, yet balanced with the wisdom of knowing who they are in the eyes of God, you must be profoundin your parenting!

You will be going against a massive tide of propaganda; a media blitz expressly designed to woo the soul of your child. Consequently, almost every word that defines profoundwill need to be part of your plan. Heartfelt, fervent, far-reaching, exhaustive, sweeping and radical. At the same time, you will need to be prayerful, wise, and winsome. The right combination of these words counts, and your degree of devotion to a vision for your child is what will make your parenting profound.

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Georgia Adams West
Caroline Kimbrough Moody
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May 25, 2019