Broken Benevolence: Dr. Naomi Alexander, Book 3 #3 (HC) (2023)


"Well, in this case, what you don't see, is what you'll get." -Dr. Naomi Alexander

It's hardly business as usual when cagy psychiatrist, Dr. Naomi Alexander, sleuths her way through trauma counseling in the aftermath of a patient's home invasion.

After suffering a vicious attack years ago, Cecily still lives and breathes in the debilitating world of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Nearly every day is a reminder punctuated by episodes of fear and confusion, anger and withdrawal. She seeks solace and support from her husband, Oscar-but little is forthcoming. Oscar hasn't time to worry about Cecily, when so many of his plans and dreams are falling by the wayside; plans that don't include Cecily.

Cecily's job as a finance consultant is the only bright spot; it's the one place free of fear and hostility. But with Cecily's boss, Joshua Hall, even that has its own rather interesting complications.

A PTSD attack finds Cecily needing therapy once again, and through trauma counseling with psychiatrist, Dr. Naomi Alexander, Oscar and Cecily deal with many factors affecting Cecily's troubles. Oscar, however, proves a challenge every step of the way. But he doesn't know whom he's dealing with: Dr. Alexander thrives on challenges.

Broken, full of shame and despair, Cecily feels she's heard it all in therapy before. But this time, the chair is yellow-and the results will be different. Naomi pulls few punches as Cecily's sessions are exercises in pain and confusion and regret and...revelation.

Cecily's revelations, however, may be too late: Oscar's new (and deadly) plans are in motion...

In this intense domestic suspense, Naomi's therapy world seems to be closing in on her as she treats a most desperate patient broken by the charade of benevolence. And sometimes doctors don't "win."

Find out if Naomi's approach to the case will be enough to save a life.

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S. F. Powell
ISBN 10:
Nib Karatasi Press
Publication Date:
June 20, 2023