Obscure Boundaries: Book Two featuring Dr. Naomi Alexander #2 (HC) (2023)

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With Obscure Boundaries, S.F. Powell explores the isolation of grief and its impact on a family trying to heal, adding an 'evil' stepmother for good measure.

Psychiatrist, Dr. Naomi Alexander, delves into territory close to home while treating a family in mourning.
Julia Winthrop has died, leaving her husband, Jeff, and their two children, Mallory and Todd, to carry on without her.

When Jeff remarries, the Winthrops make a go at starting a new life with Ruth, but it isn't easy, and the family seeks help from a familiar family therapist.

However, there are sides to Ruth not apparent to those involved--except maybe Naomi. She can see right through the woman's facade, despite all the pleasant words and religious presentation.

Mallory and her brother have a hard time accepting Ruth into the family, for good reason. Ruth is not at all interested in being a "mother" to her stepchildren, and while hiding this fact from Jeff, she has no problem showing one of the Winthrop children exactly where she stands. And now she wants to spread the 'love.'

Through grief counseling with Dr. Alexander, the Winthrops fight to move beyond the sadness, working through many issues affecting their family. From her place in her yellow counsel chair, Naomi observes behaviors in their sessions and knows something is off between Ruth and the Winthrop children. She needs to get Jeff well; the sooner the better.

But Naomi's efforts must address a confounding dilemma: Jeff believes Julia is still with them--and not just "in spirit." And there are signs he might be right ...

When problems with Ruth escalate (unbeknownst to Jeff), Naomi realizes time may be running out.

Dr. Alexander does what she does best to provide a little help in opening Jeff's eyes to the "truth of Ruth."

Fans of contemporary fiction will appreciate this tale on loss and step-parenting, with elements of tension, humor, sarcasm, and drama.

About the series:

  • Dr. Naomi Alexander, a psychiatrist, is the central and continuing fictional character in several works as she treats patients with varying degrees of psychological stress or trauma (not including her own). Plenty is revealed on her yellow counsel couch. It's mostly painful--but that's what they're there for.
  • Diminutive and with a gun close by, Naomi has a working relationship with the distilled beverages, and has a straightforward approach to all things other than her personal life.
  • Woven with recurring details unique to the series for fans of a little word-sleuthing, the novels explore perspectives from both sides of the couch, with elements of tension and angst and passion and laughter and interesting snapshots of the human drama that is life--all flavored with gems of music both oldies and goodies, be it R&B, Soul, Classical, Gospel, or others.


S. F. Powell
ISBN 10:
Nib Karatasi Press
Publication Date:
March 21, 2023

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