Follow the Leader: Believe In Yourself. Craft Your Future


***One of the Top 40 Under 40 Most Influential on Capitol Hill***

As recognized by the Loop 21/Impact DC

Women! We need your voice. Your political opinions matter.

We need women who want to learn how to speak about political issues with confidence. But how does a woman gain confidence about potentially volatile topics?

Maybe you’re like many other women who hold back.

You think, What if …

  • You don’t have all the facts
  • You fear your friends and colleagues will distance themselves from you if you say the wrong thing
  • You destroy your platform
  • You are misinterpreted
  • You are judged

Stephanie Mickle, attorney and Harvard graduate, understands. She’s one of Washington’s most sought-after legal advisors and political strategists, and now she wants to help you.

Her book, Follow the Leader, was written to empower women, like you, to get involved in the political process. All it takes is confidence from the right guide—a leader, like Stephanie, who cares and understands why women hold back.

Believe in yourself. Craft your future.

A few of the topics in this easy-to-read book include:

  • Why it’s important to get involved in the political process
  • Where should you start
  • Which topics are taboo
  • How to find the confidence to make your stand
  • How to close the gender gap
  • How to let go of the superwoman syndrome
  • Where women of color fit in
  • How the divine influences women
  • How to silence fear
  • How to cultivate political currency
  • How to nurture relationships
  • How to build alliances with decision makers
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Stephanie Mickle, Esq
13th & Joan
Publication Date:
July 1, 2018