A People Set Apart (PB) (2021)

When Chance, the flamboyant scion of a well-to-do family, makes it to the United States from his war-torn Biafra, it doesn't occur to him that life isn't going to be the same as it is in his homeland. But he learns fast. And by sheer will and personal grit, he is able to bulldoze his way in his new abode. Turning adversities into advantage he develops one of the most enduring relationships ever imagined. Turnkey, his nemesis turns friend, and over a short period of time, that metamorphosis yields an instant result. Chance schools him to change course and makes him to understand that he can buy himself out of the box seemingly reserved for him and his ilk that will place him in low level of society's cadet in perpetuity. Having seen the light, they hit the ground running. Their friendship blossoms, and Chance becomes his greatest confidante. When Chance offers to take him and a group of his American friends to his homeland of Biafra, a country remembered in flashpoints of war and pillage and destruction, and man's inhumanity to man, Turnkey is there to defend his friend and dispel all erroneous notions of a people he hasn't met except one man. Biafra, plundered since time immemorial, and thought dead, has risen from the ashes of pillagery by dint, and indefatigable spirit of her irrepressible people to hoist her flag in the firmament for all to see. In Biafra, Africa is unbound. Turnkey, a fortuitous child, and even luckier than a cat with more than nine lives, doesn't leave anything to chance. Like his father, he toils from a young age knowing where he's coming from but also with an eye to where he's heading to. Yet, it's him that the mighty God has had his path cleared before him. And when fortune smiles on him owing to a huge bequeathal of his granduncle, it's to Chance that he turns to, and it's in his friend's homeland that he chooses to invest his largesse because he wholeheartedly believes that they're a people set apart in spite of the challenges right and about them.
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Page Publishing, Inc.
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January 26, 2021