The Healing Otherness Handbook: Overcome the Trauma of Identity-Based Bullying and Find Power in Your Difference (PB) (2021)


Rewrite your story--and this time, you make the rules.

Were you the victim of childhood bullying based on your identity? Do you carry those scars into adulthood in the form of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dysfunctional relationships, substance abuse, or suicidal thoughts? If so, you're not alone. Our cultural and political climate has reopened old wounds for many people who have felt "othered" at different points in their life, starting with childhood bullying. This breakthrough book will guide you as you learn to identify your deeply rooted fears, and help you heal the invisible wounds of identity-based childhood rejection, bullying, and belittling.

In The Healing Otherness Handbook, Stacee Reicherzer--a nationally known transgender psychotherapist and expert on trauma, otherness, and self-sabotage--shares her own personal story of childhood bullying, and how it inspired her to help others heal from the same wounds. Drawing from mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Reicherzer will help you gain a better understanding of how past trauma has limited your life, and show you the keys to freeing yourself from self-defeating, destructive beliefs.

If you're ready to heal from the past, find power in your difference, and live an authentic life full of confidence--this handbook will help guide you, step by step.

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Stacee L. Reicherzer
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New Harbinger Publications
Publication Date:
April 1, 2021