And They Called It Swing, Its History, The Bands, Its Legacy (PB) (2016)

In this book the author gives the complete history of Swing music and Big Bands from it's beginning to it's place in the world today. It tells where it began. When it began. How it spread and grew to become America's number one popular music in the 1930's and 40's. The names and dates of the originators, the players, the bands, the composers, the arrangers, the side men, the hit songs, they are all here. It tells the story of Swing music's role in radio, and the history of disc jockeys. It tells how Swing music helped the recording industry and how records helped the success of name bands. The book also explains Swing's affect on the nation during it's years of popularity. It tells how during the time of segregation, the youth of America cared little about the color of Swing bands and their musicians. It tells how during the great depression, the youth of that period became crazed with Swing similar to how Rock and Roll swept the youth during the 1960's. It tells how those same young people, who would later be called the Greatest Generation, spread the music around the world while fighting WWII. It tells how and when Swing broke the color barrier in music despite living in a nation of segregation. Swing and Swing bands were instrumental in proving segregation had no place in popular music long before the laws of social justice came into being. The reader who loves music and/or history will find this book informative as well as entertaining. Enjoy.
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Oren Freshour
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Page Publishing, Inc.
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May 24, 2016