The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in Its Place (PB)


Hill Harper's bestsellers include "The Conversation," which was an "Essence" Book Club pick; "Letters to a Young Sister"; and the award-winning "Letters to a Young Brother." He stars in "CSI: NY" and holds degrees from Brown, Harvard, and the Kennedy School of Government. Harper lives in Los Angeles.

The perennial "New York Times" bestselling author helps readers discover how to put money in its place and use wealth-building as a tool for joy and fulfillment.

Hill Harper is uniquely poised to guide readers through tough times and offers bestselling advice for reaping the rewards of a truly happy life. With "The Wealth Cure," he does more than that: He presents a revolutionary new definition of wealth, motivating readers to not only build financial security but to also achieve wealth in every aspect of their lives.

Using his own journey as a parable, Harper inspires the reader to evaluate their values while explaining the importance of laying a sound financial foundation and how to recognize the worth of your relationships and increase the value of your interactions with the people in your life. Drawing on his personal recollections and true stories from family and friends, Harper helps readers begin to see money not as a goal but as a tool that provides freedom for following their passions. The keys include investing in yourself, tapping the resources you need, and taking responsibility for how those resources are used. Far from a get-rich-quick primer, "The Wealth Cure" brims with inspired wisdom for building a lasting bounty from the experiences, loved ones, and achievements that really matter.

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Hill Harper
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Gotham Books
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September 04, 2012