Let Me Make It Right (PB) (2022)


How do you ask for a second chance from the person whose world you shattered? How do you make things right?

Let Me Make It Right is an intense novel - about love, loss, and second chances - with a little forgiveness on the side.

Nathan would rather rip out his heart than hurt the woman who ignites a fire in him with every look, every touch. But that's exactly what happened when an unlucky encounter burdens him with a wife and an unplanned family, turning his dream into a nightmare named Tina.

Teale fell in love with Nathan the moment they kissed. Their lives, their plans, and their heartbeats were in sync. But a phone call revealed how wrong she was, forcing her to make choices for herself and the child she carried.

Tina loved only one man, and it wasn't Nathan. When she discovers Teale is back in Nathan's life, she vows to make them pay.

An unplanned trip throws Nathan and Teale back together. Is there still enough love left between them?

Choices will be made. Lines will be drawn. Together, they will face challenges that no one saw coming. Sometimes fate does decide when the time is right.

About The Author:

Now retired, P. D. Greene (Phyllis D. Greene) has been writing since childhood, writing poetry as a teenager; letters for her sisters to their boyfriends; and publishing her first romance novel, Driven, under Phyllis Greene-Nicholas. Born in Valdosta, Georgia, the author was an Air Force military brat, gaining an appreciation for diverse cultures across America. The mother of two and grandmother of three, her greatest blessing is being a breast cancer survivor, helping others understand what early detection can mean.

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P. D. Greene
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Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LL
Publication Date:
March 10, 2022