The Holy Crip's Bible (PB) (2022)

This sacred book is not about sex, violence, money and murder as folks might assume, this is a holy text "about the Community Raised Infantry Progressing." These Scriptures are about and for a regular people who'd never be able to afford or qualify to attend the prestigious Ivy League colleges despite deserving and needing them more! This, the Holy Crip's Bible is about Love, its about Life and its about Loyalty all put into motion to make the hopeless communities hopeful, to make the degenerate conditions and social climates more honorable and fertile for positive growth and most importantly, it's to do all of this excellently! In a world full of the shrewdest misconceptions and deliberate deceptions "about the Crips". We've been aware of the hyperbolic political themes and media-driven inferrences "about the Crips", we feel-to-death the draconian laws and sinister Judge opinions "about the Crips", the hateful peace officer unions and furious victim's groups of folks we have never victimized "about the Crips", the U.S. postage and prison vendor price hikes "about the Crips" and still theres much more "about the Crips!" Theres Blue Magic and Blue Steel... Blue Kush and the Blue Pill "about the Crips"! The Blue allegiances and Blue Print C-D's... Blue Ivy Love and Blue blooded G-Ds "about the Crips"! That Blue Lambo with the Blue rims, the true blue goons in their blue Timb's "about the Crips"! Sexy Blue hair and nails, electric blue eyes...Blue silk panties under all blue skies "about the Crips"! and even through it all, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, one thing is for sure and its the one thing Everybody knows "about the Crips", from the cradle to the grave, You just cant stop the Crips!!!
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The Kiwe Don
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March 1, 2022